CEFR-J x28 project 概要




CEFR-Jx28 とは、ヨーロッパ共通言語参照枠(CEFR)に準拠しつつ開発される、各国言語の達成度の指標です。本学は、「CEFR-J x28 Project」(プロジェクトリーダー投野由紀夫教授)により、その開発、本学教育への適応をすすめていきます。/ CEFR-Jx28 is TUFS project that is based on the European languages framework CEFR and this framework serves as an evaluation criteria and a  measuring tool for one’s competency in foreign languages. TUFS is focused  on developing competencies especially in Asian languages.  TUFS is working on implementing this framework into our teaching curriculum under the leadership of Professor Yukio Tono and we have named this project ‘CEFR-J x28 Project’.

本学の学生が学ぶ28の専攻言語についてその達成度を可視化し、学生各自の言語能力の向上に資することがその目標です。/ CEFR-J will enable us to see the capabilities in a far more transparent way and we believe that this transparency will lead to further achievements of our students who may choose to study in any of 28 foreign language streams.

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