Global Japan Desk

Global Japan Desk (GJD)とは

GJD東京外国語大学は、2014(平成26)年度に文部科学省スーパーグローバル大学創成支援(タイプB:グローバル化牽引型)に選定されました。本学は、「世界から日本へ、日本から世界へ―人と知の循環を支えるネットワーク中核大学―」を目指しています。Global Japan Desk (GJD)はこのアイデアとリソースの循環を支援し、構想を実行に移します。

Background of Global Japan Desk:

TUFS was selected in 2014 as the ‘Top Global University’ for the Top Global University Project and is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) under the category of Type B: Global Traction Type. We envision ourselves as a ‘key network university that connects worldwide resources, from the World to Japan and from Japan to the World.’ The Global Japan Desk (GJD) supports this circulation of ideas and resources and brings our vision into action.

Global Japan Deskの活動計画:

2.本学と協定校が実施するJoint Education Program のコーディネート
6.日本への留学をめざす現地学生へのアドヴァイスの提供  など

GJD as a center has the following general functions:

1.Facilitating seminars to be delivered by specialized lecturers dispatched from TUFS, Japan
2.Coordinating the joint education programs to be run by TUFS and our overseas partner institutions
3.Arranging internships for TUFS undergraduate and postgraduate students with a focus on Japanese language education
4.Arranging volunteering activities to be undertaken by TUFS undergraduate and postgraduate students
5.Providing support for Japanese students from TUFS and other educational institutions studying at our overseas partner universities
6.Providing consultation for local students interested in studying in Japan etc.

GJD locations (as of March 1, 2020):

・プロテスタント人文・社会科学大学(ルワンダ・フエ): 2020年2月18日設置 / Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Science: PIASS (Rwanda): Open on 18 Feb. 2020

現在のGlobal Japan Office(GJO)とGlobal Japan Desk(GJD):

本学のスーパーグローバル大学プロジェクトの前半5年間で、新規協定校を中心とした17の拠点にGJOを設置し、協定校で立ち上げられ、日本研究および日本語教育の拠点となっています。10年間のプロジェクトの後半を迎え、本学は、日本からの留学生の継続的な受け入れを行う主要な協定校におけるGlobal Japan Desk(GJD)の開設を推進していきます。GJDの主な役割の1つは、学生間の親睦と相互理解を深めながら、学生交流活動の実施やや現地学生への日本文化の紹介など、日本人学生によるボランティア活動を促進し、支援することです。これらの活動は本学のウェブサイトで紹介され、本学と協定校によるグローバルな教育活動を世界に紹介します。

Current Global Japan Offices (GJOs) and Global Japan Desks (GJDs)

In the first half of the ten-year TUFS Top Global University Project, the aforementioned seventeen GJOs have been launched mainly at newly-formed partner institutions to serve as centers for facilitating Japan studies and Japanese language education. As we enter the latter half of the ten-year project, TUFS is promoting instituting Global Japan Desks (GJDs) at the major partner institutions that continuously host exchange students from Japan. One of the main functions of GJDs is to encourage and support volunteer activities by Japanese students such as organizing student exchange activities and introducing Japanese culture to the local students while cultivating friendship and mutual understanding among students. These activities will be featured on the TUFS website, introducing the global education activities conducted at TUFS and partner institutions to the world.