サラマンカ大学GJO活動日誌/University of Salamanca GJO Activity Report

活動日誌2017年6月/Activity Report 2017.6

GJOコーディネーター 小澤 咲 Saki Ozawa, GJO coordinator

今年のサラマンカは、6月になり、毎日のように37℃を記録するような猛暑日の後、最高気温が14度になる日もあるような寒い日が続き、非常に体調管理の難しい、異常気象に見舞われました。半そでやノースリーブの毎日のあとに冬のコートを着るようになるとは、予想していなかったので、スペイン人の先生方もとても驚いていました。/This year’s Salamanca, since June, has been experiencing strange weather, with extremely hot days registering at 37 degrees, followed by cold 14 degree days, making it very difficult to stay healthy. After days of short-sleeves or no-sleeves come days where we have to wear winter coats, which was not expected at all, surprising even the Spanish teachers.
6月は、サラマンカ大学の試験期間です。先月の日誌にも書いたとおり、サラマンカ大学には追試制度があり、一度試験に不合格となっても、もう一度試験を受けることができます。日本とは全く異なる試験制度ですが、前期分の追試と後期分の追試が全て後期試験後にまとめて行われるため、学生たちにとっても教員たちにとっても、年度末は試験祭りといった状態になります。試験だけではなく、試験の後に学生たちがRevisionといって、試験内容を照会するために研究室を訪れるなど、本当に慌ただしく毎日が過ぎていきます。/June is the examination period here at the University of Salamanca. As I wrote in last month’s journal, the University of Salamanca has a makeup examination system, where you can sit an examination a second time if you fail. While this system is completely different to Japan’s, it is interesting to note that the makeup examinations for the first and second semester are all held at the end of the school year after the second semester’s examination period, so many students and professors call it the ‘exam festival.’ On top of these exams, students also visit their professor’s offices to ask about examinations already sat for revision, making for a very busy period.
この"試験祭り"は5月下旬から6月いっぱいまで一カ月以上も続き、スペインでの追試を初めて行った私にとっては、日本の試験制度とスペインの試験制度の違いをとても痛感する一カ月になりました。/This ‘exam festival’ lasted from the latter half of May until the end of June and, since it was the first time I had to prepare makeup examinations, proved to be a month that helped me fully realise the differences between the Japanese and Spanish examination systems.
今月は、GJOで初めて受け入れることになったインターンの学生と相談し、GJOオフィスとして、スペイン人の視点から、日本の文化を見つめなおすイベントを構想することになりました。日本人の私たちではなかなか気がつかない視点のアイデアを提案してくれるので、とても興味深く、こちらも楽しくアイデアを練っています。9月の新入生たちの歓迎に合わせて、実行することができるように、調整しています。/This month, we asked for advice from our new GJO student interns (the first at our office) on events that would make Spanish students more interested in Japan. The interns shared opinions and suggested ideas that we, as Japanese people, do not necessarily think of, which were very interesting for us to hear, and now we are very excitedly working on a plan. We are currently aiming to be able to hold an event around September when the new students arrive.

また、今月の23、24日には、GJOオフィスのあるサラマンカで、第4回目となる「スペイン日本語教師会シンポジウム」が開催されました。これは、APJE(アプへ、スペイン日本語教師会)によるシンポジウムで、2年に一度、開催されるようです。私たちは、サラマンカ大学での文献学部の設置に伴い行っている、カリキュラムづくりについての発表を行いました。 前任の守屋久美子さんも参加され、皆で刺激しあえる機会となったと思います。他の先生方の発表からも、これから、3年生までが出来て大きくなってきたGradoの、今後の授業に関するインスピレーションを受けることができ、大変貴重な機会になりました。/In other news, on the 23rd and 24th of this month, the 4th ‘Spain Japanese Teacher’s Association’ Symposium was held here at the University of Salamanca. Also known as APJE (Asociación de Profesores de Japonés en España), their symposium is held once every two years. We did a presentation on curriculum creation that happened alongside the creation of the philology department here at The University of Salamanca. My predecessor, Kumiko Moriya, also participated, and I think it was a very good opportunity for teachers to encourage and motivate each other. From listening to presentations by other teachers, I was able to gain some inspiration for the next ‘Grado’ class, which has recently become bigger, so it was a very valuable experience.

来年からは、更に学年が増え、クラス数も増えていくGradoですが、学生たちの目標に添えるように、これからも教員同士協力しながら頑張って行きたいと考えています。/From next year, ‘Grado’ will accept more students from more year levels, and in order to meet their goals I intend to work hard together with the other teachers.


シンポジウム基調講演の様子/Symposium Presentation


基調講演後、ワークショップの様子。真剣に取り組んでいます。/A workshop after a presentation. Everybody is working hard.


各発表での質疑も活発です。/Question sessions after each presentation were very lively.

活動日誌2017年5月/Activity Report 2017.5

GJOコーディネーター 小澤 咲 Saki Ozawa, GJO coordinator

5月の第1週には、サラマンカ大学文献学部での東アジア文化週間が開催されました。サラマンカには文献学部の他にも日西文化センターや大学院のある社会科学部といった日本関連の機関がありますが、このアジア週間は、文献学部独自で開催されるもので、文献学部が始まって2年目の今年、初開催となったものです。文献学部のアジア週間は学生の声で始まったもので、学生主体での開催となり、初回の今年は学生たちの一生懸命準備した成果が花開く初回となりました。/Once it turned May in Salamanca, we could just about get by in short sleeves, and we could feel the end of the long winter.
The first week of May was the University of Salamanca Literature Department’s East Asian Culture Week. In Salamanca, aside from the literature department, there are organisations such as the Spanish-Japanese Centre and graduate school sociology departments that have connections to Japan, but this Asia Week was held independently by the literature department. This is the second year since the department opened, and the event was being held for the first time. The literature department’s Asia Week was held due to demand from the students and was organised mainly by students, and so this year we saw the fruits of their endeavours for the first time.

日本専攻の学生たちは、教員の手引きを得ながら海苔巻きを作ったり、自分たちで選んだ歌「翼をください」を合唱したり、一生懸命準備したり練習してきたものを発揮していました。中でも学生たちの日本語劇「ももたろう」は、ほとんどが一年生というメンバーで、慣れない日本語ながら、小道具、大道具、演出、衣装まで、少人数にも関わらず自分たちの力で成し遂げた学生たちの姿に、本当に感動しました。/Under the guidance of their teachers, the students of Japanese made sushi rolls, performed a song of their choice (‘Tsubasa o Kudasai’), and presented the various things they had worked so hard practicing. In particular, I was very moved by the Japanese production of ‘Momo Taro’, which was mainly by first year students, who despite having little experience of Japanese and being few in number managed to pull off everything including props, scenery, directing, and costumes.

何より、わたしは海苔巻きの買い出しや作り方のデモンストレーション、また劇の選定や、歌と劇の練習を見ることこそすれ、そのほかは一切手伝っていないのに、日本の古い家屋を再現した小道具、大道具、桃や川、そして衣装とメイクまで行った学生たちには本当に感動しました。/Gathering in their own flats in the evenings to make sushi, putting their own effort into language plays with costumes, makeup, props and scenery, having experiences of Asian traditional dress… It reminded of me of Gaigosai, and I felt nostalgic about TUFS.
More than anything, I was very moved by how despite the fact that I only helped them with going out to buy ingredients for sushi rolls and demonstrating how to make them; choosing the play; and by watching them practice of songs and plays, the students managed to recreate the scenery of an old Japanese house, a peach, and a river using props and scenery, as well as doing costumes and makeup.

学生たちにとっても、やり遂げたこと、学生同士での団結、全てがいい思い出であり、これからの日本語そして副専攻の言語の学びの場においても糧ともなるに違いないと思っています。/I think that for the students as well, the things they accomplished and the unions they formed together as students will all surely become good memories which will spur them on in their study of Japanese and their additional language subjects from here on.

今月は、学期末ということもあり、教務そして試験関連業務が中心的な業務となりました。サラマンカ大学には追試制度があり、一度試験に不合格となっても、もう一度試験を受けることができるのですが、前期分の追試と後期分の追試が全て後期試験後にまとめて行われるため、学生たちにとっても教員たちにとっても、年度末は試験祭りといった状態になります。この"試験祭り"は5月下旬から6月いっぱいまで一カ月以上も続きます。学生たちはそれを終えて、晴れて夏休みに突入となります。私も、担当授業数が多いため、後期試験、前期追試、後期追試とテスト祭りに飲まれながら過ごしています。/This month also brought the end of term, and so school affairs and tasks associated with exams became our main focus. There are makeup exams at the University of Salamanca, so even if students don’t pass the first time they can take the exam again. The makeup exams for the first and second terms all take place after the end of the second term exams, so for both students and teachers the end of term is like an exam extravaganza. This ‘exam extravaganza’ fills up over a month from the end of May through June. After finishing this, the students are suddenly free to begin the summer holiday. I have a lot of other lessons that I’m responsible for, so I’m almost overwhelmed by the first term exams, second term exams, and first and second term makeup exams.

日本に関しての学生を主体とした企画は、来年度前期からの本格始動を目標に調整中です。サラマンカで、日本に関連する情報を発信し参加できる場を、来年度から開始できるのがとても楽しみです。/As for the plans for students related to Japan, we are currently making preparations in order to begin activities from the first term of next year. I am looking forward to opening a place in Salamanca where I can take part in the spread information about Japan next year.

尚、学生の所属や初回、継続等も記録に残せるようにしたので、今後相談の傾向などを分析するのにも役立てられたらと思っています。/Also, we are continuing with the creation of a curriculum for next year. In addition, with regard to consultations, up to now I have accumulated them in a file, and in order to use them effectively I have created a record form. With the method up to now, with follow-up consultations we haven’t been able to look back at previous consultations, so it has been inefficient. By organizing the content of consultations by filling record sheets, including making the consultations with students easier, I think they will be particularly useful for follow-up consultations. Also, since we will create records for each student for first and follow-up consultations, I think they will also be useful for analysing trends in the consultations.


開会式の様子/ The opening Ceremony


折り紙と書道ブース/ The origami and calligraphy stalls


アジアの衣装と記念撮影のブース/ The Asian traditional dress photo booth


大人気!!食べ物ブース 日本からは海苔巻き、韓国からはキンパッ、中国からは揚げ餃子です。ずらっと並ぶと迫力たっぷり美味しそうです。/The greatly popular food stall- sushi rolls from Japan, kimchi form Korea, and fried gyoza from China lined up in abundance and all looking delicious.


東アジア労働市場の公演の後は、カラオケ! AKBを力いっぱい歌っています!/ After an exhibition by the East Asian labour market, students gave a passionate karaoke performance of AKB.


迫力いっぱいの桃太郎劇。 BGMも照明も完璧でした!他の専攻の出し物も勿論あり、KPOPも盛り上がりました。会場は満員御礼、立ち見もたくさんいました。/A passionate performance of Momo Taro. The background music and lighting were perfect! There were of course performances by students of other subjects, and KPOP was immensely popular. Standing room only.


桃太郎劇チーム記念撮影/ The team behind Momo Taro

活動日誌2017年4月/Activity Report 2017.4

GJOコーディネーター 小澤 咲 Saki Ozawa, GJO coordinator

カトリックのカテドラルを中心とした街であるサラマンカでは、イースター祭りはSemana Santa/聖週間として、とても大切にされています。大学も休みとなり、カテドラルを中心に、イエス様やマリア様、聖人や天使たちをかたどったPaso/パソと呼ばれる山車型の神輿のようなものが、Semana Santaの期間中、昼も夜も街を練り歩きます。山車のように見えるPasoは、実は中に人が入っています。肩から血が出るほどの重労働のようで、数分おきにPasoを降ろして休憩するため、Pasoに合わせてパレードはとてもゆっくりと進みます。また、たくさんの人々がPasoのパレードで歩き、中にはNazareno/ナサレノと呼ばれる、コーンのような帽子を被った人々が要所要所において、パレードをまとめています。
サラマンカのSemana Santaは例年雨天で非常に寒いようなのですが、今年は天候にも恵まれ、Palm Sundayには椰子の葉を持ったパレードが、そして前夜祭にはマリア様のPasoが厳かに行進し、キリスト教徒でなくとも感動すること間違いなしの、Semana Santaでした。

/In April in Salamanca, we welcomed Easter.

In the town of Salamanca, which is built around the Catholic cathedral, the Easter occurs in Semana Santa (Holy Week), and is a very important festival. The universities close for the holiday, and floats a bit like portable shrines depicting Jesus, Mary, and angels among others called ‘pasos’ are paraded through the town day and night throughout Semana Santa. These pasos, which look like floats, actually have people inside them. It’s such hard work that it almost makes their shoulders bleed, and so because people lower them several times to take a break, the parade with the pasos advances very slowly. Also, among the many people who join the parade, there are people in cone-shaped hats called the ‘Nazareno’ who gather the procession at important points.

The parade of the paso that people carry in spite of the pain, the Narazeno, and the people of many various different groups, are spurred on by the rousing music of a brass band.

It seems that in most years, Semana Santa in Salamanca is wet and very cold, but this year we were blessed with good weather. With the parade of people carrying palm leaves on Palm Sunday, as well as the dignified procession of the paso of Mary on the eve of the festival, it was a Semana Santa that would move even those who aren’t Christians.

また、来年度からのカリキュラムの作成についても、引き続き行っています。/This month was the middle of the school term, and school affairs became the main task at hand. Being in the middle of making plans related to Japan that focus in students, I continued to hold meetings and discussions for them. In Salamanca, there are groups related to Japan in university departments and at the Spanish-Japanese Centre, so the aim is to form connections with these people. In addition, we are continuing work on the curriculum for next year.

サラマンカでは日本に関係のある文化週間として、日西センターの日本週間と、文献学部のアジア週間、そして社会科学部のアジア週間の3つがあります。今回の文献学部でのアジア文化週間は今年初開催となり、学生の声で始まったもので、学生主体で企画しているものです。/In the first week on May, as we are approaching Asian Culture Week, we are making preparations.There are three weeks related to Japan in Salamanca, with the Spanish-Japanese Centre’s Japan Week, the literature department’s Asian Culture Week, and the social sciences department’s Asian Week. The literature department’s Asian culture week is being held for the first time this year, and since it was called for by the students, it is being planned with a focus on students.

今月は主に、学生が主体となって行っている日本の歌、劇、そして料理について、指導やアドバイスを行いました。学生が欠員の場合は、教員も犬役として(!) 練習に参加しながら学生の成長を間近に感じ、嬉しい気持ちになりました。

/The literature department’s Asian culture week will include students performing songs and plays in their languages of study and Asian foods among other things, and the students of Japanese will also volunteer their pieces.

This month has been mostly about giving guidance and advice on Japanese songs, plays and cuisine that the students will carry out. In the event of vacancies, the teaching staff also join in the rehearsals by taking on the role of a dog (!), and sensing how close the students were to being grown up while taking part was a happy feeling.

This year will be the first ever Asian Culture Week of the literature department, and will be a culture week focusing on students. After seeing how it goes this time I hope to think about whether there will be anything that the GJO can contribute to Asian Culture Week in following years.

I will look forward to giving more details in the next activity report, and since you can see how much effort the students of each language are putting in to their preparation, I am very much looking forward to the event.


春が訪れたサラマンカ Spring arrived in Salamanca


カテドラルから出てくるPasoを、群衆が見守ります。A crowd watches the paso leaving the cathedral


Palm SundayのPaso。イエス様が子ロバに乗っています。The Palm Sunday paso. Jesus is riding on a young donkey.


マリアさまのPaso。煌びやかで荘厳です。The paso of Mary.  It is dazzling and quite impressive.

活動日誌2017年3月/Activity Report 2017.3

GJOコーディネーター 小澤 咲 Saki Ozawa, GJO coordinator

3月になって少しすると、半袖でも出歩ける気候が訪れるようになりました。しかし、雪が降ったり、半袖の気候になったり、かと思えばまた雪と、今年はすこし気候が不安定なようです。/We entered March in Salamanca, and from the end of the month, summertime began at last. A little after it the beginning of the month, we started being visited by weather warm enough to go out in short-sleeves. However, there has been snow, and as soon as we think that the short-sleeve weather has returned, it snows again, and it seems that this year the weather will be unpredictable.

今月も引き続き、東京外国語大学から寄贈いただいた図書の識別作業を行い、また、初旬には、東京外国語大学から、3名の先生方をお迎えすることができました。/This month I have continued with the library categorisation of the books donated by TUFS, and in addition, in early March I was able to welcome three teachers from TUFS.

3月1日には、留学生日本語教育センターの藤村先生と、アジア・アフリカ研究所の芝野先生をお迎えし、文献学部東アジア学士課程日本語専攻の学生1・2年生を対象に、E-Learning教材「JP-Lang」の説明会を行っていただきました。学生たちも多く参加し、JP-Langを実際に使った活動にも積極的に取り組んでいました。新しい教材に触れる機会であったとともに、聞きなれた先生の日本語とは異なる日本語に触れる貴重な機会ともなったと思います。また、翌日には教員での懇談会を行いました。/On 1st March, we welcomed Ms. Fujimura from the Japanese Language Center for International Students and Mr. Shibano from the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, who gave a debriefing aimed at Literature department East Asian studies Japanese course first and second year students on the E-learning resource ‘JP-Lang’. Many students attended and actively had a go at activities using JP-Lang. As well as being a chance to come into contact with a new learning resource, I think that it was a valuable opportunity for the students to hear Japanese spoken by someone other than the teachers they are used to listening to. Also, the following day there was an informal gathering with the teaching staff.

5日からは、萩尾先生が、協定の調印のためにサラマンカに見え、念願であったサラマンカ大学と東京外国語大学の交流協定が再締結される運びとなりました。交流協定の再締結ということで、これからはサラマンカ大学から東京外国語大学にも交換留学生を派遣することができるようになり、とても楽しみに思っています。これからの留学相談業務では、東京外国語大学も紹介できることがとても嬉しいです。/From the 5th, Mr. Hagio came to Salamanca to sign the partnership agreement, and the hope to renew the exchange agreement between the University of Salamanca and TUFS was fulfilled. By renewing the agreement, from now on we will be able to send exchange students from the University of Salamanca to TUFS, which I am very much looking forward to. I am very glad that I will be able to continue to introduce TUFS during my study abroad discussions with students.

6日には、サラマンカ大学日西文化センターでの日本週間開会式も開催されましたが、大使も参加しての開会式となり、立ち見の人も出るほどの盛況ぶりでした。日本週間の開催と重なったため、日西文化センターの見学等に加え、こうした式にもご参加いただけたことがよかったと思います。また、GJOの置かれている献学部東アジア学士課程日本語専攻の教員であるファレロ先生の表彰式も行われ、そちらにもご参加いただきました。/On the 6th, the opening ceremony of Japanese Culture Week took place at the University of Salamanca’s Spanish-Japanese Centre and was attended by the ambassadors, and the turnout was so great that some stood to watch. Since it overlapped with the Japanese Culture Week opening ceremony, I am glad we were able to receive their attendance along with their tour of the Spanish-Japanese Centre. In addition, they attended the commendation ceremony for Mr. Falero of the Literature department East Asian studies Japanese course, who is appointed at the GJO.

文献学部らしさの確立と、学生のレベルをいかに上げていくかという2本の柱を中心に、教員同士、教科書にかじりつきながら悩んでいますが、東京外国語大学の藤村先生より頂戴した、東京外国語大学出版の教科書もみて、国際交流基金マドリード日本文化センターの近藤先生のアドバイスも頂戴しながら、具体的になってまいりました。/This month I have continued having discussions with students on studying abroad, and recently we have started having follow-up discussions as well. From here on I think that I would like to offer support that students can rely on not just for one-time discussions, but for repeats as well. Also, I have been continuing work on the curriculum for the next academic year. Focusing on the two pillars of instilling the essence of the literature department and how much we can raise the students’ ability, along with my colleagues I have been sinking my teeth into textbooks with worry, but after looking through the textbooks published by TUFS we received from Ms. Fujiwara, as well as receiving the advice of Prof. Kondo of the Japan Foundation Madrid Japan Culture Centre, we consolidated our plans.

今後は、文献学部での日本文化週間も控えているため、その模様もお伝えできればと思います。/Also, this month I took part in the cooking practise event aimed at Japanese international students and met some Japanese students using their spring break for a short-stay study abroad, and I was able to ask them about their study abroad and catch a glimpse of the nature of their Spanish education. I think that this was a good opportunity for me to see the situation of not just Spanish students, but also of Japanese international students. From here on, I hope that I will be able to communicate those situations so that Japan Culture Week at the literature department will reflect them.


「JP-Lang」説明会の模様。みんな一生懸命聞いています。/The debriefing session. Everyone is listening as hard as they can


萩尾先生にもご参加いただいた、ファレロ先生表彰式の模様。/The commendaiton ceremony for Mr. Falero, which was attendend by Mr. Haigo.


同じく、萩尾先生にもご参加いただいた、日西文化センターにおける日本文化週間開会式の模様。俳句についての概論ののち、スペイン人が書いた俳句について議論し、優秀者には、表彰を行いました。/The Japanese Culture Week opening ceremony held at the Spanish-Japanese Centre, also attended by Mr. Hagio. After an introduction ti haiku, there was a discussion n haikus composed by Spanish people and commendation of outstanding composers.



/The scene at the event held at the Spanish-Japanese Centre. Along with students form the hospitality technical school of the neighbouring town, we made the four dishes of paella de mariscos (seafood paella), arroz negro (squid ink risotto), risotto de setas (mushroom risotto), and leche frita (a milk pudding-like dessert dish).

活動報告2017年2月/Activity Information 2017.2

GJOサラマンカコーディネーター 小澤 咲 Saki Ozawa, GJO Salamanca coordinator

2月第1週までは、前期の期末試験とその週のうちに成績の締めきり、そして次の月曜からはもう新学期と、学内では慌ただしく学生や教員が行き交っています。/It’s February in Salamanca, and the new term has begun. In the first week of February were last term’s end of term exams and the deadline for grading, and when the term began the next Monday, students and teaching staff were hurrying back and forth inside the university.

今年度は、昨年度とは異なり後期からの新規アシスタントは来なかったので、前期からのアシスタントと引き続き協力しながら教務を行っています。前期から引き続き同様のアシスタント業務をしていただいているので、引継ぎもスムーズで、助かりました。/This year, unlike last year new assistant couldn’t come, so we continued carrying out school affairs with the assistant form last term. Because we were continuing on with the same assistant, it was a smooth transition, which helped a lot.

これからも、さらにサラマンカ大学国際部との連携をしながら、学生たちの留学支援に尽力できればと考えています。/Also, this month it seems that my appeals in various places has paid off as, the number of people coming to discuss things like studying abroad has doubled compared to last month. Not only Japanese majors and students taking Japanese language, but also people outside the Japanese major have been coming to ask questions, and we were able to have good discussions. We were able to have discussions on all kinds of topics, from applications for international student exchanges, to what happens after the accepted students travel, as well as form the short-term summer programme, to graduate school. From here on I plan to continue to work with the University of Salamanca’s international department towards for studying abroad support for students.

新しい勉強方法を知る機会をいただいて、わたくしどもも今からとても楽しみにしています。また、来月には日本文化週間が控えているため、それに向けてのスペイン人学生の支援や、こちらでの日本スペイン交流のための学生たちとの会議等も並行して行いました。/Next month will be the signing of the renewal of the agreement between the University of Salamanca and TUFS, so I began to actively promote TUFS. Along with the renewal, I am looking forward to being able to see Prof. Hagio from TUFS.
Also, on 1st March I will be collaborating with the GJO to hold an explanatory meeting for TUFS’s E-Learning system, JP-Lang, for first and second year Japanese majors at the university which will be held at the University of Salamanca, so I made preparations for that at the same time.
We are excited to receive this chance to learn about a new study method. Also, because next week we will be preparing for Japanese culture week, I will be carrying out support for Spanish students and meetings with students for Spanish-Japanese cultural exchanges.

大変な数の図書を頂戴したため、時間がかかっていることに加え、現在、図書館内では他にもアラビア語での寄贈図書の処理がたまっているようで、長丁場の作業となりそうな見通しです。/In addition to all this, this month I continued classifying and sorting the donated books. Because the library staff cannot read Japanese, I have to convert the detailed information of each book into roman letters, translating where necessary, print it out, and insert it into the books one by one. Because we have received such a large number of books, as well as taking up time, it seems that the processing of Arabic book donations is also piling up, so it’s expected that it will be a long process.

来月は、東京外国語大学の先生方によるE-Learning教材JP-Langの説明会の模様等も、お伝えいたします。/Next month, I will be helping with the explanatory meeting for TUFS’s E-Learning system JP-Lang given by the teachers from TUFS.


日本専攻のあるPlaza de Anayaから少し奥に入ったところにあった、アーモンドの花。桜に似ていて、日本の春を思わせます。/Almond flowers a little inside the Plaza de Anaya, which contains the Japanese department. They resemble cherry blossoms, and reminded me of spring in Japan.


Plaza de Anayaにある、Palacioという建物に巣を作っているコウノトリ。最近は、温暖化の影響か、冬になってもアフリカに帰らないそうです。/Storks building their nests on a building called the ‘Palacio’ in the Plaza de Anaya. Recently, perhaps as a result of global warming, I hear that they don’t return to Africa even in winter,


大学の正面。ずっと工事中で修復作業をしていたのですが、最近、やっと工事が終わったようで、足場がとれ、その雄大なすがたがあらわになりました。/The facade of the university. It had been undergoing repairs for a long time, but it seems that recently they have finally finished and the scaffolding has been taken away to reveal its grandiosity.

活動報告2017年1月/Activity Information 2017.1

GJOサラマンカコーディネーター 小澤 咲 Saki Ozawa, GJO Salamanca coordinator

明けましておめでとうございます!¡Feliz Año Nuevo!
学生たちは、寒い中、テストを受けるために学校に来たり、テスト勉強やレポートに追われて忙しく過ごします。/Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!
Salamanca has welcomed the new year. A little while after we entered January, they had started to take down Christmas decorations in town, and the pretty illuminations have also finished.
At the University of Salamanca, work begins in the new year from 9th January, and for the students, January is full of exams.
The students are spending the cold season coming to university to take exams and being busy with revising and essays.

今月は、テスト期間で授業がないため、学期中には日程上難しいマドリードでの出張業務や、研究室の片付け、GJO業務のための資料の整理、昨年末受入れが完了した図書の分類や識別作業などに追われました。/This month, because there were no lessons due to exams, I was busy with things like business trips to Madrid which would be difficult schedule in the middle of term; tidying up the research room; putting together materials for the administration of the GJO; and identifying and categorizing the books that we finished receiving at the end of last year.

マドリードでは、国際交流基金及びCASA ASIAにおいて、授業見学や会議を中心とし、サラマンカでの大学教育に生かせる教材の活用方法や、クラスのコントロール、また、基金が開発した教材などについても学ぶと同時に、来年度以降のカリキュラムや授業の進め方について会議を行いました。
サラマンカ大学文献学部東アジア学士課程はまだ設立して間もなく、在籍中の学生にはまだ1,2年生しかいません。そのため、国際交流基金、そしてCASA ASIAにおいて、その上のレベルの授業を見学することによって、学習が進んだときのモデルとして検討する材料になったと考えています。/In Madrid, the Japan Foundation and CASA ASIA held a meeting focused on lesson observations and meetings about methods of getting the most out of teaching materials in university education in Salamanca; class control; as well as teaching materials that exploit funds, while also being about how to proceed with the curriculum and lessons from next year onwards
It has still only been a shot time since the East Asia undergraduate curriculum at the University of Salamanca’s literature department was established, and currently there are only first and second year students enrolled. Because of that, by observing lessons at higher levels at the Japan Foundation and CASA ASIA, I am thinking that we will have the materials to refer to as a model for when we proceeded with our lessons.

また、研究室にはGJO業務に用いる資料、例えば留学ガイドや各大学や教育機関のパンフレットなどが準備されていますが、古くなった資料や、研究室が中国語と共同だったころの中国語資料などを整理しました。GJOでは、学生たちの日本語学習、そして日本への留学支援を大きな柱として考えているため、日本留学のための資料や、日本での就活のための資料を分類し、インデックス整理することで、日本語/英語・スペイン語での言語別に、見たい資料に素早くアクセスできるように工夫しました。また、資料の更新及び充実のため、新しい資料の収集にも着手しました。留学支援活動の柱として、こうした資料を整備・活用し、相談や情報収集のホットスポットとして機能していくよう、これからも努めていく所存です。/Also, there are materials which the GJO uses provided in the research room such as study abroad guides and pamphlets on universities and educational institutions, and I sorted through the old materials and the Chinese materials from when the office was shared with the Chinese department. At the GJO, because we think of the students’ Japanese study and study abroad support as our main focus, I categorised the materials for things like studying abroad and finding employment in Japan and created an index with categories for Japanese and English / Spanish with the aim to make it quick for students to access the materials they want to look at. Also, in order to update and replenish the materials, I began work on collecting more. With the main focus of study abroad support, from now on I intend to continue maintaining and using these kinds of materials and will endeavor to create a hotspot for having discussions and gathering information.

また、ビラや配布用パンフレットなどは、TAKE FREE「ごじゆうに」コーナーを設けたことで、学生たちにとって手にとりやすい状況にしたつもりですが、季節などによって彩を加えるなどこれからも折々工夫しながら、何度も見に来たくなるような棚にしたいと思っています。
しかしながら、GJOの棚は教員の研究室の中にあることから、学生にとって、気楽にアクセスしやすい環境であるとは言いにくいのが実情です。そのため、留学の資料などが研究室で見られるということ、そして、遠慮せずに自由に見ることができるということを、2月の新学期のチャンスに、もっと学生たちにアピールしていこうと考えています。また、これから訪れる文化週間に備えて、日本との文化交流の契機をつくろうと、着々とアイデアを練っています。この機会に、GJOの存在を広めるとともに、学生たちの日本への関心をますます高めていきたいと考えています。/While putting things in order, I decorated the GJO shelves with cards for online teaching materials to give them a friendly face.
In addition, I prepared a ‘Take Free’ corner for pamphlets and flyers with the intent to make an environment where it easy for students to take them, and I am thinking of occasionally adding colour according to the season in order to make shelves that people will want to keep coming back to see.
Nevertheless, the fact remains that, due to the GJO bookshelf being inside the teaching staff’s research room, it’s hard to say that there is an environment where students can access it with ease. Because of that, I am thinking that during the new term in February I will have a chance to advertise to the students the fact that study abroad materials can be seen in the research room and that they may do so freely and without hesitation. Also, to prepare for the culture weeks that will arrive soon, I am steadily solidifying my ideas for creating opportunities for cultural exchange with Japan. With these opportunities, along with spreading the word about the GJO, I hope to increase the students’ interest in Japan.


マドリードにおいて、イベントのためマヨール広場へ向かう馬たち /Horses heading towards the Plaza Mayor for the event in Madrid


研究室のGJOの棚 /The GJO shelf in the research office


インデックス。もちろん、東京外大もあります! /The Index. Of course, there is one for TUFS!

活動報告2016年12月/Activity Information 2016.12

GJOサラマンカコーディネーター 小澤 咲 Saki Ozawa, GJO Salamanca coordinator

本学の学生たちは、1月末の前期試験期間に向けて、クリスマス休暇と1月前半を勉強しながら過ごします。/In December, The town centre is wrapped up in the Christmas mood, and the townspeople and students somehow seem restless to leave for the Christmas holidays.The 4 months since I took up the post in the University of Salamanca’s Global Japan Office have flown by, and this month the teaching period of the first term had finished. During the Christmas holiday and the first half of January, the university’s students will be studying for the midyear exam period at the end of January.

そんな今月は、今学期のテストの作成や学生との調整、来年度に向けたカリキュラムの作成といった、教務に関する業務が中心になりました。/This month, university—related operations have been centred on preparing this academic term’s tests, coordinating with students, and putting together the curriculum for the year to come, among other things.

本学文献学部ならではの学生のためのオーダーメイドのカリキュラムを作りたいと考えています。/Currently, only first years and second years are enrolled in The University of Salamanca’s literature faculty’s East Asian studies course, which was set up in 2015, but since next year this year’s second year students will progress to their third year, there needs to be a third year curriculum. That’s why this month I began laying out the curriculum for next year. To find out how to make the most of the special qualities of the literature Faculty; how best to improve reading comprehension skills; what kind of teaching materials we should use; and what motivated students to join the faculty’s Japanese course, as well as consulting my fellow teaching staff, I created questionnaires to send out to the students. I then drew up a list of things to read in Japanese, and after comparing the preferences and opinions of the students and created a tailor-made curriculum that could only come from our University’s literature faculty.

そこで得られた人脈や情報を、これからのGJOでどのように活用できるのか、とても楽しみにしています。/In addition, I prepared for the general teacher’ meeting to be held next year.
It has been several months since I adopted the post, so I am looking forward to having the chance to share information on Japanese language education in Spain and meet and receive guidance from teachers, as well getting a valuable opportunity to get a feel of the life and circumstances surrounding Japanese language education outside of Salamanca.
I am looking forward to putting the personal connections formed and information gained so far to good use at the GJO.


クリスマスの巨大オーナメントが出現したマヨール広場 /The Plaza Mayor, with a giant Christmas ornament

活動報告2016年11月/Activity Information 2016.11

GJOサラマンカコーディネーター 小澤 咲

11月に入ると、空気もぐっと乾燥し、日照時間もどんどん短くなってきました。本格的な冬のコートの出番も増え始め、月末にはクリスマスの飾り付けもあちらこちらで始まり、季節の移ろいを感じさせます。/Once we entered November, the air became dryer and the days steadily got shorter. The appearance of winter coats has started to increase, as has that of Christmas decorations here and there as we get towards the end of the month. One can feel the change of the season.

今月は主に、日西文化センター主催のイベントに協力したり、東京外国語大学からサラマンカ各機関への図書の受け入れが完了したりといった流れがありました。/For me, the main events of this month have been my collaborating in events organised by the Japanese-Spanish culture centre, and the completion of the reception of books from TUFS by the various organisations of the University of Salamanca.

なかでも、さまざまな色合いの折り紙や千代紙を組み合わせて作る折り紙の飾り箱は人気で、一枚で作るばかりではない折り紙のバリエーションを知り、それが自分にも作れたという思い出が、これからの日本文化へのさらなる興味の引き金にもなったようです。/In November, the Japanese-Spanish culture centre organised a cultural exchange event aimed at 14-30-year-old students who are interested in Japan or who study Japanese at many various institutions, starting with the University of Salamanca, where they could be introduced to and experience calligraphy, origami and manga.
At the manga introduction, we had a real manga artist join us as a guest, and also the calligraphy was led by overseas students from Japan and Japanese teachers. Despite being late in the evening, all present enjoyed a lively and spirited session.
There were a lot of young people attending, so unfortunately we can’t show any photos from the event, but through witnessing such an animated event, I once again felt the strength of the interest in Japanese culture in Salamanca, and so it will be a happy memory for me personally.
In particular, multi-coloured origami and decorative origami boxes folded from multiple sheets of paper were popular. Learning about different variations of origami, not just those using only one sheet of paper, and realising that they too can create them, seems to have been a trigger for a deeper interest in Japanese culture for many.

今回の図書の寄贈により、サラマンカにいながらアクセスできる日本関係の図書が増えたことをサラマンカの各機関の職員一同、とても喜んでいます。これらの図書が、上記イベントに来場したような若者たちをはじめ、日本に興味を持つサラマンカの人々にとって有益な情報源として、これから活躍することと思います。/On the donation of books from TUFS to Salamanca which has been coordinated continually since last year, the scheme concluded on the 25th of this month through the collaboration of TUFS base of internationalisation when the books safely arrived at the organisations in Salamanca.
We are tremendously grateful both for the donated books and for the warm support that we have received.
Along with the staff of the organisations in Salamanca, I am extremely grateful for the increased access in Salamanca to books related to Japan thanks to this book donation. These books will, beginning with the young people who attended the above event, be a beneficial information source for people in Salananca who are interested in Japan, and will provide a useful resource form here on.

また、11月を通して、日西センターにおいて開催された日本語教員向けのセミナーにも複数回参加させていただきました。センターの教員の皆様とご挨拶をさせていただいたり、お話をさせていただいたりする中で、サラマンカにおける日本語学習事情など、情報を集める足掛かりをつかむこともできました。留学支援業務においては、変動する学生の動向を知ることも重要であるため、これからもお話を聞かせていただき、業務の参考としてどんどん生かしていきたいと考えています。/As well, throughout November, I participated on several occasions in a seminar for teachers of Japanese held at the Japanese-Spanish culture centre. I had the pleasure of greeting all the attending teachers, and was able to get a foothold on gathering information through things such as giving speeches on topics such as the state of Japanese education in Salamanca. For companies offering support for study abroad, knowing about changes in students trends is important, and so I hope to have the pleasure of listening to more speeches, using these companies as reference to make the most of the experience from here on.

活動報告2016年10月/Activity Information 2016.10

GJOサラマンカコーディネーター 小澤 咲 Saki Ozawa, GJO Salamanca coordinator

また、大陸性気候の冬の厳しさを予感させる気候が続き、サマータイムも10月末で終了したため、いよいよ本格的な冬に向かっているのだと感じます。/Now it is over a month since the start of term, and the students’ studies are progressing smoothly.
In October in Salamanca means Halloween and All Souls’ Day, and you can see people in traditional costume and shops decorated for the occasion. As well, in anticipation of the harsh continental winter, daylight saving time has begun, and more and more I can sense the beginning of the winter season.

受け入れ完了まで、これからも東京外国語大学と密に連携を取りながら、進めていきたいと考えています。/One month has passed since I took up my new post, and continuing on from the previous coordinatior I have been in contact with various people to make arrangements for the book donation from TUFS to the University of Salamanca’s Japanese-Spanish culture centre and literature department
At present, customs for packages arriving in Spain are extremely strict, which is why preparations have continued after the term of the previous person in charge ended, but I have been making various preparations with the teachers of the Japanese-Spanish culture centre and literature department to receive the donated books from TUFS. Until the donation is complete, I hope to continue maintaining close relations with TUFS.

なかでも奨学金については必ず言及されるため、金銭面での不安をもつ学生が多い傾向が見受けられます。相談には、日本専攻の学生も訪れますが、日本専攻ではない学生が留学相談に来てくれることもあり、とても嬉しく思います。そこで、これから奨学金についての情報も集めながら、ますますGJOの存在を広く知ってもらい、支援していく体制を整えていきたいと考えています。/Also, this month there was a questions session for students with an interest in studying abroad in Japan. There were mainly questions about which of the University’s Partner institutions they should apply to, but in particular there were many allusions to scholarships, which goes to show the financial apprehensions held by many of the students. Those who joined the discussion were mainly students of Japanese, but I was happy to see students of other subjects come as well. From here on, whilst gathering information on scholarships I plan to increase awareness of the Global Japan Office and carry on setting up support systems.

活動報告2016年9月/Activity Information 2016.9

GJOサラマンカコーディネーター 小澤 咲 Saki Ozawa, GJO Salamanca coordinator

9月も後半に差し掛かると、サラマンカでは夏があっけないほどに急に去り、真夏日の文字通り翌日から、街中では、ダッフルコートやダウンジャケットを着た人々が目立つようになりました。/As we approach the latter half of September, summer in Salamanca has gone by all too quickly, and literally as soon as the dog days are over you can start to see people wearing padded coats around town.

昨年設置されたGJOの看板は、文献学部日本語専攻の教員の共同研究室のドアに掲げられており、ほかの先生方のご厚意でおかせていただいている看板に恥じないよう、背筋が伸びる思いです。/From this term, GJO Salamanca starts its second year. The signboard for GJO, which was established last year, has been put up on the door of the shared research office for literature and Japanese teaching staff, and I feel compelled to work hard to live up to its reputation.

もちろん日本語を選択する学生も多いため、日本についての情報に対する需要が、ますます高まることを期待しています。/The students who enrolled in the newly-established faculty in 2015 are now in their second year, and compared to the last year the number of students has roughly doubled. In addition, from this year students of Korean and Chinese entering their second year will choose another language as their double-major. Of course, since there are so many students choosing Japanese as a subject, we expect that the demand for information on Japan will keep on increasing.

また、日本に交換留学を考えている学生から、留学のための試験準備について相談され、試験対策などについてできることをお伝えしました。/Now that new term has begun, I am distributing business cards and explaining activities to the several Japanese foreign students whose acquaintance I’ve made; asking about the current state of their study abroad and gathering information from the assistant students from Japan; making the personal connections which will support future activities and working towards gaining all the provisions I can think of related to knowledge of GJO and the objectives of its activities. Also, I discussed exam preparation and exam strategies with students who are thinking of joining the Japan foreign exchange programme.

新設の学部の学生たちも含め、これまで思うように日本の情報を得られなかった学生たちにとって、留学相談や日本のことについて知るチャンスを増やす役割を果たしていければと思っています。/From here on, taking over the student support system set up by Moriya, the previous administrator, I hope to play a role in increasing the chances for the students, including those of the newly-established faculty, who haven’t been able to access as much information on Japan as they had thought, to discuss things like studying abroad in Japan and to gain knowledge about Japan.

活動報告2016年6月/Activity Information 2016.6

コーディネーター 守屋 久美子/Coordinator Moriya Kumiko

6月のサラマンカは日差しも十分強くなり、サングラス無しには眩しくて街を歩くのも難しくなります。サラマンカ大学の学生は試験が終わるとふるさとに帰るため、6月末のサラマンカには、世界のいろいろなところから集まった観光客ばかりとなり、まもなく夏休みになるのだなあと実感します。/June in Salamanca sees the sunshine getting much stronger and without sunglasses its very bright and walking around the town becomes a little difficult. Due to the students of the University of Salamanca returning home after they finish their exams, Salamanca in the end of June is filled with tourists from all over the world which gives the feeling that summer vacation is almost upon us.
筆者はこの6月でGJOサラマンカのコーディネーターを離任し、日本に帰国します。そのため、6月は主に後任者への引き継ぎ準備を行いました。サラマンカ大学日本語コースが開設して最初の一年の教務内容とGJOで行ったことおよび今後の課題をまとめ、後任者がスムーズに業務を開始できるようにしました。特に今年度行うことができなかった日本文化の紹介イベントに来年度以降着手することが出来るように、サラマンカ大学の各方面と協力して行う準備について引き継ぎを行いたいと思っています。9月から新年度がはじまり、サラマンカ大学文献学部の日本語専攻にも新しい一年生が入りますが、専攻の学生たちだけでなく、サラマンカに住む人々が日本により興味をもち、日本語を勉強したい、日本に行ってみたいと思えるようなイベントが行えればいいなと思っています。/This June I will be leaving my post here as the coordinator of the GJO office and return to Japan. Due to this, the majority of June saw the preparations take place for the handover ready for when my successor arrives. I summarized the academic content of the first year of the Japanese Language Course which was established at the University of Salamanca, the past activities conducted by the GJO as well as future plans from here on in order for my successor to be able to smoothly transition into working at the GJO. I would especially like to conduct preparations in order for the introduction to Japanese culture event to be held next year as unfortunately this year we were unable to. This will involve cooperating with every field of the University of Salamanca and handing over the information to my successor. The new academic year will begin from September which means new first year students will be joining the Japanese major within the Faculty of Philology here at the University of Salamanca however, I thought it would be great if we held an event that made not only the students majoring in Japanese but also the people living in Salamanca think about learning Japanese or visiting Japan on holiday.
この10ヶ月間、長いようで短い時間のなかでどれだけのことがサラマンカ大学とGJOのために達成できたかわかりませんが、筆者自身は多くのことを学び、充実した一年であったと感じています。今後の筆者自身の人生の中でサラマンカでの10ヶ月は大きな意味を持つだろうと確信しています。/These past 10 months felt as long as they did short and even though I am unsure of how much we have achieved for the University of Salamanca and the GJO, I personally have learnt a lot and feel that it has been a very fulfilling year. I am certain that the 10 months I spent in Salamanca will prove to hold significant meaning for me in the future.

写真左:サラマンカの街を走る清掃車(ゴミを吸って走ります。)/Photo: Left: Garbage truck that drives through the city of Salamanca (it drives around sucking up garbage)

右:観光客で賑わう、マヨール広場のアイスクリーム屋さん/Right: An ice cream shop in the Mayor Plaza which is thriving on business from tourists.

活動報告2016年5月/Activity Information 2016.5

コーディネーター 守屋 久美子/Coordinator Moriya Kumiko

5月のサラマンカは徐々に暖かくなり、日差しも強くなってきました。街で見かける観光客の人々の服装も薄着になり、どことなくウキウキとした雰囲気が感じられます。試験期間ということもあり学生は忙しそうにしていますが、それでも日差しの中で楽しく話している様子を見ると、こちらまで楽しくなってきます。それと同時に、もうすぐここでの生活と別れを告げるのかと思うと、さびしい気持ちになります。/It is growing warmer and warmer in May here at Salamanca and the sunlight is getting stronger too. The clothes of the tourists around the city have become lighter and there is an exhilarated feeling in the air. There is also the exam period and so the students seem very busy however when I see them laughing and talking in the sunlight it lifts my spirits up as well. Though I also feel sad when I think I will have to soon say goodbye to my life here in Salamanca.
5月は主に日本留学生活ガイドの作成と後任者への引き継ぎ資料の作成を行いました。/May mostly consisted of creating the Guide to Studying Abroad in Japan and documents to aid in the successor’s takeover.
4月に引き続き作成した日本留学生活ガイドは、修正や補足を経て大まかに完成させることができました。しかし、内容の正確性や他の国の留学希望者に対して有効であるか否かが不明であるため、ここからさらなる修正が必要となります。そのため、他のGJO担当者等にも見ていただき、有効な日本留学生活ガイドができるようにしたいと考えています。/Continuing on from April, the foreign student’s lifestyle guide received some supplements and modifications and is now loosely completed. However because the accuracy of the contents and the fact that it may not prove useful for students wishing to study abroad in different countries, we have decided it still requires further editing. For this reason, we will have it checked by other managers at the GJO and aim to create an effective lifestyle guide for foreigners in Japan.
筆者は7月上旬にサラマンカ大学を離職するため、後任者への引き継ぎ資料の作成にも着手しました。GJOのスタッフとしてこれまで行った業務内容だけでなく、ここの学習者の特徴や傾向、授業での注意点、さらには生活での注意点などの情報についてもまとめ、後任者がよりスムーズにここでの教務およびGJOの業務につけるようにする予定です。GJOサラマンカ1年目のスタッフとして見て聞き、感じたことを残すことで、今後のGJOサラマンカが大きな成果を残せるのではないかと期待します。/Since I will be leaving this position here at Salamanca University at the beginning of July, I have also started preparing the documents and resources necessary for when my replacement arrives. I am planning to summarize not only the contents of the work I have done as part of the GJO staff but also the features and trends of the students, points to note in the classroom as well as points to note about the lifestyle here in Salamanca in order to allow my replacement to adjust to their new position as quickly and smoothly as possible. Being part of the staff during the first year at the Salamanca GJO and experiencing the growth of the office, I have high expectations for the future.
6月も引き継ぎ作業を中心に行うこととなりますが、後任者がどのような点を不安に感じるかを考えながら、どのような作業を行っていけばよいかわかるような資料を作成したいと考えています。また、4月、5月に引き続き、東京外国語大学からの図書寄贈についてもスムーズに受け入れられるようにコミュニケーションを図っていきたいと考えています。/June will also be mainly focused on preparing for the takeover however I am intending to create documents whilst considering which points my replacement may be concerned or feel uneasy about. Also continuing from April and May, I am intending to inform my replacement of the donated books from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies so they will be able to sort out any issues that may arise.

サラマンカのマヨール広場で行われていた、いろいろな書店の販売とジャズのコンサート/Jazz concert and various shops selling books at the Mayor Plaza in Salamanca

salamanca_160621_3文献学部の建物の前で行われていた、ピアノ・コンサート。/Piano Concert held in front of the Literature Faculty building.
この前後数日間で、いろいろなところでピアノ・コンサートが行われていたようです。/Piano concerts were supposedly held is various places over the past few days.

活動報告2016年4月/Activity Information 2016.4

コーディネーター 守屋 久美子/Coordinator Moriya Kumiko

 4月になり、サラマンカにも春がやってきました。サマータイムが導入されていることもあり、現在日の入りが21時半ごろとなり、22時ごろにようやく暗くなっています。なかなか暗くならないため、授業が21時に終了しても夜がきたという感覚がつかみにくくなっています。しかし、これまではこちらの夕食時間が21時過ぎだということを不思議だと思っていましたが、それに納得できたような気がします。/It has become April and spring has also arrived here at Salamanca. It is the beginning of summer time; the sun begins to set around 21:30 and finally gets dark around 22:00. Due to the fact that it remains light until late in the evening, even when lectures finish at 21:00 it is difficult to get a feel for how late it is. However, Up until now I thought it unusual to have dinner past 21:00 but now it feels like I have gotten used to it.
4月は主に、引き続き日本留学生活ガイドの作成と東京外国語大学からの図書寄贈に関する連絡を行いました。/In April I mainly focused on the continuation on the creation of the Guide to Studying Abroad in Japan and contact regarding the publications to be donated by TUFS.
日本留学生活ガイドは、これまで日本に留学するスペイン人学生を念頭において作成してきましたが、他のGJOでも活用できるのではないかと考え、よりわかりやすくなるように修正を加えることにしました。これまで作成した内容の不足点を見直し、Wi-Fiや携帯電話の手続き、保険など新たに項目を増加しました。当初、4月中の完成を目指していましたが、さらなる補足が必要なことがわかりました。5月は試験間際ということもあり、6月をめどに完成できるようにしたいと思います。/The Guide to Studying Abroad in Japan has been created for the Spanish students who will be studying abroad in Japan but I decided to alter the guidebook thinking that it could be used at other GJOs as well. I reviewed the deficiencies in the content I had created thus far and added new items such as WiFi, mobile phone procedures, and insurance. At first, I was aiming to have the guidebook completed by mid-April but realized that additional supplementations are needed. May means it is close to the exam period so I am hoping to have the guidebook completed by June.
また、東京外国語大学からサラマンカ大学日西文化センターおよび文献学部への図書寄贈について諸々の連絡を行いました。東京外国語大学の諸先生方からのご厚意で、文学書や研究書、日本語のマンガなど多岐にわたる図書を多くご寄贈いただけることになりました。そのため、受け入れ側である日西文化センターと文献学部に連絡をとり、寄贈受け入れの準備を行いました。現在、スペインは税関が厳しくなっており、送り返されてしまう可能性を減らすため、まずは税関側に確認を行ってから受け入れを行うことになりました。スペインの学生たちにとって日本語でマンガや文学作品、スペインの文化に関する著述を読むことは、日本語の勉強だけでなく視野を広げる上で大いに役立つと考えられます。できるだけ早く受け入れが完了できるよう、今後も準備を進めていきたいと考えています。/Also, I have been making various contacts regarding the donation of publications to the University of Salamanca’s Spanish-Japanese Centre and the Faculty of Philology, University of Salamanca from TUFS. As a kind favor from the various teaching staff at TUFS, it has been decided that the University of Salamana will receive a large donation of publications covering a wide range of genres including literary works, research papers and even manga. Due to this, University of Salamanca’s Spanish-Japanese Centre and Faculty of Philology, who will be receiving these publications have been keeping in contact and preparing for the donation of publications. Currently, customs in Spain is becoming very strict and so to lower the possibility of the publications being sent back, it has been decided that we will make contact with customs and get confirmation before proceeding any further. For the Spanish students it can be presumed that reading manga, literary works and writings regarding Spanish culture in Japanese will not only help their study but also widen their horizons and be a very useful source of information. In order to complete the transaction and have the publications ready for the students as quickly as possible, I wish to further progress with the preparations.

活動報告2016年3月/Activity Information 2016.3

コーディネーター 守屋 久美子/Coordinator Moriya Kumiko

 3月17日(木)に、神奈川総合高校でスペイン語を学ぶ高校生の研修団がサラマンカ大学文献学部を訪問しました。私は国際化拠点室からのご紹介でコーディネーターとして神奈川総合高校の先生方とコミュニケーションを図り、受け入れの準備を行いました。/On the 17th of March (Thu), the research group at Kanagawa comprehensive high school which is learning Spanish visited the Faculty of Philology, University of Salamanca. I received an invitation from the Office for International Affairs and as coordinator communicated with the teachers from Kanagawa Comprehensive High School and conducted preparation for their visit.

当日、旧大聖堂の前で待ち合わせをし、文献学部の講義棟であるPalacio de AnayaとHospedería de Anayaを案内しました。文献学部のメインの講義棟である現在のPalacioは18世紀に建て替えられたものですが、趣ある内装に高校生たちは興奮を隠せないようでした。また、Palacioに長年巣作りを行っていうるコウノトリがちょうど複数巣に戻ってきており、日本から訪れた高校生たちを歓迎しているようでした。もともと宿舎であったHospedería de AnayaではGJOのオフィスを見学し、普段どのような環境で仕事をしているか見ていただきました。/On the day, we met in front of the old cathedral and guided them through the lecture building of the Faculty of Philology,  called the Palacio de Anaya and Hospedería de Anaya. The main lecture building of the Faculty of Philology, the current Palacio was rebuilt in the 18th century but the high school students could not hide their excitement after seeing the quaint interior. Also, some of the birds that have been building their nests over many years at the Palacio have returned to a few of the nests, it was almost as if they came to welcome high school students from Japan. At the Hospedería de Anaya which used to originally be a dormitory, I showed them around the GJO office and had them see what kind of environment work at the GJO is conducted in.

その後、もっとも新しい講義棟であるAulario Anayitaにうつり、日本からの留学生4名との交流会を行いました。スペイン語を勉強している高校生からは、留学生活で辛かったことや楽しかったこと、スペイン生活でびっくりしたことなど次々と質問が飛び出しました。中にはどのような手順で大学派遣のスペイン留学が決まったのか、どのような授業をとっているか、授業がないときはどのように過ごしているかなど具体的な質問をする生徒もおり、スペイン留学に対する真剣な姿勢が見られました。日本からの留学生もその真剣な眼差しに対して、実際に留学生活で感じたことを活き活きと描写していました。30分という短い時間であったため、今後もなにか聞きたいことがあればぜひ連絡してくださいとお伝えして交流会を終了しました。/Following this, we moved to the Aulario Anayita which is the newer lecture building where an exchange session was held with 4 Japanese students who are studying abroad here at the University of Salamanca. From the high school students studying Spanish came forth a barrage a questions regarding challenges faced whilst studying abroad, enjoyable experiences, surprises in the Spanish lifestyle and other such topics. Amongst these were students who asked specific questions such as; what kind of procedures did you have to follow to be able to study abroad in Spain, what kind of classes are you taking and when you’re not in classes, how are you spending your free time. By the type of questions you could see the serious attitude of the students. After seeing the serious look in the young students’ eyes, the students studying abroad at Salamanca University responded by lively portraying the thoughts and feelings they experienced during their time studying abroad. It was a very short 30 minute activity which came to a close after the students kindly said if they had any more questions feel free to get in touch.

日本語を教えるというしごとについてお話できなかったのが個人的には心残りであります。しかし、今回の交流会を通じて、少しでもスペインで勉強したり仕事をしたりすることに対して高校生が興味を持ってくれればと思います。/I regret that I was not able to talk about the teaching Japanese language in Spain. However, through this exchange event, I hope that even just a little bit, the high school students gained interest in either studying or one day working in Spain.


活動報告2016年2月/Activity Information 2016.2

コーディネーター 守屋 久美子/Coordinator Moriya Kumiko

新学期が始まり、新しく授業準備を行いつつの活動となりました。2月は日本からアシスタントとして来た大学生のサポートと大学院進学のアドバイス、サラマンカ大学のシラバス作成を中心に行いました。/The new semester has begun and started with the preparations for the new classes. In February the majority of the work centered on supporting the university student assistants that arrived from Japan, advice for undergraduate students planning to progress to Graduate School and preparing the syllabus for the University of Salamanca.

新学期になり、日本の大学からアシスタントが2名サラマンカ大学にやってきました。アシスタントとは言っても文献学部の講師が担当する授業のうち週1コマを受け持つことになっています。私が受け持っている授業の内ふたつを各アシスタントと受け持つことになったのですが、スペインへ来たばかりで、また日本語教育についてもさほど理解が深くないため、筆者が授業についてのサポートやアドバイスを行っています。/The new semester has begun and 2 assistants from a university in Japan have come to the University of Salamanca. They are responsible for one lesson a week that is managed by the lecturer of the Literature Department. Out of the classes I am responsible for, 2 classes a week were given to each assistant however, since they have only just arrived in Spain and still have more to learn regarding Japanese language education, I have been giving them support and advice regarding classes.

その他、日本語教育関連の大学院に進学したい日本人留学生から、大学院の選び方や入試対策、その後の進路などについて相談を受けました。外語の大学院を勧めましたが、4月から国際日本専攻に変わることもあり、なかなか具体的なイメージがわかないようでした。また、ここに来ている留学生はスペイン語専攻の学生が多いため、将来スペイン語に関わるのか、日本語教育に関わりたいのか、留学生が自分で考えて納得の行く結論を出せるようなアドバイスをしていきたいと思っています。/In other news, we offered support regarding which graduate school to choose, how to prepare for the entrance exam and career advice to a Japanese foreign exchange student who wants to advance to the Japanese language education Graduate School. I recommended the Graduate School at TUFS but from April they changed to the International Japan Department and do not yet seem to have a concrete image of what they want to do.

2月から始まった新学期は、筆者の日本語教育に関する経験が求められる場面が多いように感じられ、やりがいを感じています。シラバス作成については、GJOの業務というよりは学部自体の業務に含まれると思いますが、これについても今後日本語教育の専門知識を少しでも活かせるように行っていきたいと考えています。/In the new semester that has just begun, I have felt that my experience in Japanese language education has been in high demand which makes this position feel very worthwhile. In regards to the creation of the syllabus, I believe this comes under the affairs of the actual department as opposed to the affairs of the GJO however; I also intend to make use of my expert knowledge in Japanese language education and will try my best at this task.

活動報告/Activity Information 2016.1

コーディネーター 守屋 久美子/Coordinator Moriya Kumiko

1月は、12月に引き続き、サラマンカ大学の交換留学先について学べる科目やコース、大学内の設備や宿舎、食堂について調査を行い、まとめる作業を行いました。サラマンカ大学の交換留学先は現在16校あり、それらすべてについて日本語と英語両方から調査を行い、最終的に英語で55ページ程度にまとめました。プリントアウトして日本語科の研究室に置いておくことにし、今後留学希望の学生が来た場合に参考にできるようにしたいと考えています。/Continuing on from December, this January I have gathered together information by conducting a survey on classes and courses you can take as part of the University of Salamanca’s study abroad program and the university’s facilities, accommodation and cafeteria. There are currently 16 study abroad destinations as part of the University of Salamanca’s study abroad program. I was able to conduct a survey with all of them in both Japanese and English and compiled together 55 pages of information in English. I printed them out and listed the Japanese programs along with their classroom numbers. I would like to use this as reference in the future for students who are thinking of studying abroad.

また、複数の学生から日本語学習や留学についての相談を受けました。ある学生は、本人は日本語を勉強したいと考えているにもかかわらず、家族からエンジニアリングを専攻するように言われており、勉強が手につかないようでした。この学生には、まず家族とよく話をするように伝え、もし何か悩みがあったらいつでもオフィスに来るように話しました。また、別の学生は夏休みに日本へ留学したいものの、金銭面が厳しく、両親から日本で働きながら留学するように言われているとのことでした。なかなかそのようなことは難しいと返答しましたが、日本語学習や日本への留学を望む学生が金銭面や環境面などさまざまな悩みを抱えていることがわかりました。GJOとしてできることは少ないかもしれませんが、悩みを聞いたり出来る限りの解決方法を模索したりするなど、何らかの形で学生のサポートができればと考えています。/I consulted with many students on things like learning Japanese and studying abroad. One student who wants to learn Japanese was told by his family to study engineering, so he’s unable to find the opportunity to learn it. I told them to have a serious conversation with their family, and that if they had any worries to come into the office whenever they like. Another student wants to study abroad in Japan in summer, but they aren’t well financially, and were told by their parents to work while they are over there. I told them that it is quite a difficult situation, but I also understand that money, individual circumstances and other worries are a problem for a lot of students who wish to study Japanese or study abroad in Japan. As a member of the GJO there might be little I can do, but I want to support students with whatever they need help with, listen to their worries, and try to come up with a solution to the best of my ability.

2月には新学期が始まり、授業準備やシラバス作成などで忙しくなると思いますが、以前作成した日本生活のアドバイスに関する資料の作成を引き続き行いたいと考えています。/The new semester begins in February, so we will be busy with class preparation and completion of the syllabus, but I would like to continue with completing the aforementioned Japan lifestyle advice documents.

活動報告/Activity Information 2015.12

コーディネーター 守屋 久美子/Coordinator Moriya Kumiko

12月2日サラマンカ大学GJO開所式が行われ、無事に正式に開所いたしました。開所後、早くも数名の学生から日本留学に関する問い合わせがあり、12月は主にその対応をいたしました。/The opening ceremony for the Global Japan Office (GJO) was successfully held on December 2nd, 2015. The moment the ceremony had ended, many students lined up without hesitation with queries regarding studying abroad in Japan. December was compiled mostly of this support.

大学院に所属する学生からは、実習ができる大学がないかという点について問い合わせがありました。サラマンカ大学の大学院では、海外でその国の言語を学びながらスペイン語教育アシスタントなどをする実習科目が設けられており、それに参加したい学生からぜひ日本に行って日本語を勉強したいという希望がありました。国際化拠点室のほうにも助けていただきながら調査を行いましたが、なかなかそのような募集を行っているところはないようでした。今後、東京外国語大学とサラマンカ大学との交流がそのようなかたちでも行われていけばと思います。/Students belonging to graduate schools enquired about whether or not there are universities for them to study at when overseas. In graduate schools at the University of Salamanca, you can learn the language while taking classes with a Spanish teaching assistant. There were students who said they would definitely want to participate in going to Japan to learn Japanese. We also received help from the Office for International Affairs who had students complete a survey, but it wasn’t a sign-up survey. I hope exchange between both Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and the University of Salamanca can continue in this positive light.

また、別の学生2名からは、日本で日本について研究したいためいい大学院がないかという問い合わせがありました。こちらについても国際化拠点室の助けを借り、東京外国語大学国際総合学研究科国際日本専攻についてご紹介いたしました。しかし学生の日本語がまだ初級レベルだったため、まず日本語を1年勉強した上での受験を勧めました。少しでも学生が自分の望む進路を進めればと思います。/There was also an enquiry from two other students asking if there is a good graduate school in Japan where one can research Japanese. We received help from the Office for International Affairs on this issue too and together introduced the TUFS International Global Studies Research Program. But because the students’ Japanese level is still at the beginner stage, we recommended they first study Japanese for one year before taking the course. I want to help students advance down the route they wish to take even if only a little.

1月はサラマンカ大学の留学協定校についての紹介資料を完成させ、学生の日本留学促進に役立つようにしたいと考えています。/I want to finish the introductory forms on the study abroad partner institutions of the University of Salamanca in January and I would like to become more helpful to promote students studying abroad in Japan.

活動報告/Activity Information 2015.11

コーディネーター 守屋 久美子/Coordinator Moriya Kumiko

11月は、日本へ交換留学生として留学したい学生のために交換留学先の情報を集めました。また、12月2日に行われるサラマンカ大学GJO開所式の準備を、国際化拠点室と連絡を取りながらサラマンカ大学アナ副学部長を中心に調整しながら進めました。/Information regarding study abroad destinations has been compiled for exchange students hoping to study abroad in Japan. Preparations for the opening ceremony of the Global Japan Office (GJO), which will take place on December 2nd and be headed by vice dean Ana of the University of Salamanca, are being made in liaison with the Office for International Affairs.

この準備を踏まえ、行われた開所式の状況を以下のとおり報告します。開所式は文献学部内で行われ、サラマンカ大学マリア副学長と立石学長のご挨拶、ご来賓の国際交流基金マドリード日本文化センターの吉田所長のご挨拶の後、GJOの看板上掲式が行われました。/The preparations for the opening ceremony are reported as follows. The ceremony was held within the Literature Department, where Salamanca Vice-President Maria, TUFS President Tateishi, and guest visitor, the head of The Japan Foundation, Madrid gave their greetings, before the GJO held the opening ceremony.


昼食会の後、文献学部の大ホールである「アウラマグナ」で、立石学長によるGJOの趣旨説明と留学生日本語教育センターの伊東センター長によるご授業が行われました。伊東センター長は日本語で「I love you」をどのように言うかについて夏目漱石や二葉亭四迷の翻訳を紹介したり、日本語ではあいづちが大事だという話を交えながら日本語の面白さについて学生にお話なさいました。学生たちは日本語を勉強して2か月強でしたが、伊東センター長のお話に興味深く耳を傾けていました。最後に、伊東センター長からクイズがいくつか出題されました。正解した学生にはトビタくんのイラストが入ったバッグがプレゼントされるということで、学生はみな熱心に手を挙げていました。最後の問題では難しい問題として「東京外国語大学の学長の名前は?」というクイズが出ましたが、ある学生が即座に手を上げて「立石学長」と答えたのには、伊東センター長も立石学長も驚きの表情を浮かべ、会場からは大きな拍手が送られました。/After the luncheon, both an explanation of the GJO, provided by President Tateishi, and a class given by the head of the Japanese Language Centre’s (JLC) Itou Centre were held at the Aula Magna in the Literature Department’s great hall. Talking to the students, the head of the Itou Center introduced translations by Natsume Soseki and Futabatei Shimei on how to say “I love you” in Japanese, and while discussing how important ‘backchannels’ are in Japanese, they also spoke about the fun of learning the language. Despite the students having studied Japanese for only two months, they listened to the talk intently with great interest. At the end of the talk, a number of quizzes were set. Students whose answers were correct would receive a bag with an illustration of TUFS mascot Tobita-kun inside as a present, so everybody was raising their hands enthusiastically to get the right answer. The final question was difficult, asking “Who is the university president at TUFS?” But a certain student raised their hand immediately and answered “President Tateishi”. Both the head of the Itou Center and President Tateishi himself expressed surprise upon hearing this, and a great round of applause was given in the hall.

最後に立石学長と伊東センター長を囲んで記念撮影を行い、クイズでプレゼントを獲得した学生たちは伊東センター長とも写真を撮りました。学生たちにとっても勉強したばかりの日本語で話が聞き取れたのでとても良い経験になったのではないかと思います。/President Tateishi, the head of the Itou Center and the students who won quiz prizes gathered together for a celebratory photograph at the end of the event. It was no doubt a rewarding experience for the students who had just started learning Japanese as they were able to follow the talks that were given.

開所式および伊東センター長のご授業のあとに筆者の担当する日本語の授業がありましたが、会話の活動の中で学生たちは伊東センター長のお話通りに「そうですか?」「えー、本当ですか?」「いいですね!」などと積極的にあいづちを使用しており、普段より活発な授業になりました。/There was a Japanese class to be held by me after the opening ceremony and class by the head of the Itou Center, but the students were all engrossed in conversation confidently using the backchannels they had learnt, such as “Is that so?”, “Really?” and “That’s great!”, so it became a much more lively class than usual.

いよいよGJOとしての活動が本格的に始まりますが、まずは日本へ留学を希望する学生向けの情報収集と日本人留学生の所在確認を行っていきたいと考えています。/The activities of the GJO are becoming more and more, but the first thing to think about is gathering information for students hoping to study abroad in Japan and confirming the whereabouts of their individual exchange trips.